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In today's fast past lifestyle many adults, and kids do not get the daily nutrients their bodies need from our food. It is important to understand why every person should supplement their diet, by taking daily vitamins and nutrients.

1. Whole food vitamins and nutrients vs synthetic vitamins

Whole food vitamins come from organic (live) raw foods and are cold processed which preserves the nutrients our bodies require to maintain healthy function.

Synthetic vitamins are essentially (dead), artificial, man-made and create nutritional imbalances.

2. Cost:

Catalyn (whole food vitamin) $10.00 for 90 tablet

Centrum (synthetic vitamin) $ 11.99 for 100 pills

Whole food vitamins and nutrients on average cost more than synthetic. For example a common synthetic vitamin purchased is Centrum. Most synthetic vitamins are manufactured by major drug companies. These companies can produce a synthetic vitamin that has no nutritional value at a low cost.

3. Whole foods vitamins and nutrients are specific for every organ and tissue in the human body. Manufactured from real foods grown on organic farms.

4. When the human body becomes deficient of vitamins and nutrients the body's organs and tissues can becomes stressed or symptomatic. These nutritional deficiencies also lead to chronic health problems.

While prescription and over the counter drugs can provide great benefits when we need them, many tend to leave the body depleted of essential vitamins and nutrients as well. Take a look at this chart to see which medications can deplete your nutrients and which vitamins you should take to keep your body in balance.

5. Common health problems due to nutritional deficiencies include: High blood pressure, diabetes, digestive problems, constipation, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and many more.

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